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"I’m Simon Sarazin, working in Lille as an independent where i spend most of my time to find solutions on how to develop commons and how to converge between all the competing initiatives. I contribute to different « commons » projects :

For example, we started a « Lille Commons Assembly » one year ago. Together, we try to connect the local "commons" and support them. This year, with an other community of innovators whose name is "Catalyst", we try to find answers to the problem of money distribution to contributors in commons, with an important focus on a « take what you want » system that we test on different projects, and inspired by the Gratipay experience.

I’m also involved in coworking places in Lille where we really want to go one step further by developing property ownership as a common, exactly as "Terre de Liens" do for the lands. Also, i follow the «duniter » project, a tool to implement basic income through libre currencies. I think it's one of the most important project we need currently. I also tried to developp , a platform to help people converging around commons projects (this platform should soon merge into an other platform). I also contribute to a wikibooks where we share experiences on how to build commons.

In Lille, we are also starting to developp a local chamber of commons to make public and private sector use commons but also contribute to them (here is an english presentation about one of the solution we experiment). I also contribute to develop the "Fabrique des Mobilites", an accelerator program dedicated to mobility projects where we started a "call for commons" so that competing companies have to work together around commons if they want public support." (Commonswatch mailing list, November 2016)

2. older version:

"Simon Sarazin started as an ICT engineer (Telecom Lille) with a first job in the Caribbean. Soon he discovered how local communities are able to develop citizen participation. Back to France, he started to study Political Sciences focusing on contributive economy. After several experiences in this type of projects, he started to work exclusively on commons in order to help people to converge and cooperate on urgent commons to build such as projects platforms, free money, open places (third places), etc...

Today, he directly contributes to different commons such as :

- a framework to produce commons. This methodology tries to get solutions to make possible the contribution and the use of commons both in public and private sectors. Unisson also tries to identify answers to the problems of money distribution between the commons actors.

- "", a platform created to detect and typify commons projects, for example in helping to make transparent the relation of commons with the public and private sector, or in explaining the governance, etc.

-, a platform developed to detect social innovative projects locally and at an international level"