Show Me the Action, and I Will Show You the Commons

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* Article: Helene Finidori, Show Me the Action, and I Will Show You the Commons!


Source: Special issue: Commons – Practices, boundaries and thresholds. edited by Giacomo D’Alisa & Cristina Mattiucci. Explorations in Space and Society No. 30 - December 2013


"In this article I challenge the definition of commons based on the nature of goods, addressing the topic from the perspective of experience: how commons are created or emerge from a process that intimately associates people and the participatory and mindful ways in which they produce, manage or care for their shared resources or assets. I also outline how the essential principles of a commons logic which is not only found in what activists typically calls 'the comons', could help amplify the action of other sustainability and social change initiatives in a way that can be geared towards growing the commons as a whole.

This comes ahead of a workshop that Wolfgang Hoeschele (book the Economy of Abundance) and I will be facilitating at the Conference of the Ostrom workshop in June with Joe Corneli and Bonnitta Roy. We plan to develop an approach to a systemic change process based on commons logic as transformative logic and a pattern language for designing appropriate structures and practices"