Semantic Model for E-Participation

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* Article: A semantic model for e-Participation. By Lukasz Porwol, Adegboyega Ojo, John Breslin.



": The rapid development of e-Participation research in the last decade has resulted in fragmented, loosely related e-Participation models. In our previous work we established a comprehensive Integrative Framework combining existing models. In this paper we move further and conceptualize the elements strictly related to socio-technical aspects of e-Participation by constructing a formal ontology for e-Participation. The innovative model proposed addresses the duality of e-Participation by considering simultaneous government-led , top-down e-Participation, together with citizen-led, social media based e-Participation.

Following the Thalheim’s Construction Workflow we develop a semantic model to support citizens-led, social media-based e-Participation."