Scott Newgent on Medical Transitioning During Childhood

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"Scott Newgent joins me to speak about his transition story, why he is so outspoken against medically transitioning kids, and his organization, TRans Rational Educational Voices (TReVoices).

From the TReVoices website:

“The bomb that ignited a fire within him was after he discovered the medical industry was pushing children to transition medically. Once Mr Newgent learned what they were doing to kids, his profound, relentless nature forged the way to becoming one of the fastest-rising international transgender leaders today. With each roar, he opens the door for more transgender people who believe like he does to find a home and for parents to confidently stand up to medical professionals and say, “no, my child will not be medically transitioning during childhood.” He’s doing it, he’s getting people to join hands, from all different walks of life, beliefs, sexualities, and political stances, to join together and say collectively, “For This, We Stand Together – Medical Transitioning Is No Place For A Child.” (Source: