Sci-GaIA Open Science Platform

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= "a federated Open Science Platform to reproduce, re-use and publish research".



"The Sci-GaIA project has developed and deployed a standard-based Open Science Platform that supports federated authentication.

Users can access a federated Open Science Platform to reproduce, re-use and publish their research products and link them to their ORCID profile to increase the visibility of both Science and scientists.

The platform integrates resources provided by a federation of providers, with core services in an Open Science Commons. Services in the Commons are those which provide uniqueness and persistence to researchers and research output, as well as the services which enable federation of identities and resources.Resources in the federation refer to any kind of compute or data resource, given that they expose standard interfaces which the services in the Commons can use. Ideally, compute, data and adjunct services are instantiable via orchestration services which are expressed using widely-used tools, which make the entire infrastructure executable and permit better collaboration at the technical level between resource providers, as well as ensuring reproducibility of the services across data centres. The transparency and accountability of collaboration via code provides further motivation to contribute to the executable infrastructure. The infrastructure is therefore both Open (Community participation is possible) and Open Source, as well as reproducible (machines rather than people express the state of the infrastructure). The infrastructure itself becomes citable, bringing credit to its authors, and linking it to the research outputs generated on it. The services in the platform allow for open reviews of the platform itself, the individual scientific applications, the datasets generated or analysed by them, and the articles published based on them." (