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URL = http://www.ryaki.org/wiki.html



"Ryaki is a new financial and production system. Ryaki consists of a number of producers that group in production units and use investment units. Its members connect to form the ryaki payment network.

The ryaki system introduces an exchange layer on top of the Open Value Network model."

2. Apostolis Xekoukoulotakis:

"The first goal is to create a metaprogramming framework with which new models can be easily programmable. The end goal is to build custom software per production process based on the model of the domain that would allow it to support OVNs. Custom software allow us to build custom protocols of massive coordination.

The second goal is to help OVN find financial capital. Since we will never be able to acquire perfect information that would eliminate investment risk, the existence of risk also introduces risk aversion by poor people and thus a dependency of production from rich people. Ryaki is a restricted ripple network that is closer to the production process and can provide cheap capital to OVN." (http://commonsfest.info/en/2015/anichta-diktia-axias/)


"The ryaki system has some characteristics:

  • It has an economic advantage that will lead its internal network to expand.
  • There are no financial middlemen.
  • There doesn't exist a tendency of accumulation of value to a small number of people."

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