Rob Lucas and Dennis Graemer on Left Accelerationism

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"On November 10, 2020 at 1800 CET / 12 ET, The New Centre will air the third episode of the third season of Sheltering Places titled, "Endnotes and Left-Accelerationism: Capital, Strategy, Utopian Horizons" with our guests Rob Lucas, Dennis Graemer moderated by our Researcher Eric Meier.

Communisation and left-accelerationism offer two radically different frameworks for confronting communist thinking and action. Do these seemingly radical differences still persist or have unexpected parallels emerged over the last few years of theoretical developments? To discuss this in the third episode of Sheltering Places 3 we invite Rob Lucas, member of the communization collective Endnotes, and Dennis Graemer, member of the left-accelerationist think-tank Association for the Design of History (ADH). Basis for this will be Lucas' recent work, which will be interrogated in regard to the fundamental questions regarding capital, revolutionary strategy, and the role of a utopian vision for a post-capitalist society."