Resilience and Traditional Knowledge

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"Resilience is the ability to cope and recover from abrupt change. Indigenous peoples who are organised, confident to adjust their systems to changing circumstances, while maintaining their identity strong, will be better able to withstand shocks caused by climate change. The film shows 5 examples of this: cultural resilience; traditional forest management; strengthening customary law to live within the limits of the environment; maintaining seed diversity; and adapting traditional systems to cope with water scarcity.

This film is a part of Fever, a video guide that examines issues of climate change and how it relates to indigenous peoples, cultures, rights and territories. Produced by LifeMosaic, Fever was awarded the 2010 award for Creativity and Contribution to the Indigenous Narrative by the Indigenous Peoples' Latin American Network for Film and Communication at the Xth International Indigenous Film and Video Festival in Quito, Ecuador."