Regenerating a Carbon Drawdown Economy Through Reverse Mining and the Blockchain

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= the, is "a network of planetary regeneration. The first step toward a local, regional, and global carbon drawdown economy".


regen network is project by Gregory Landua of Terra Genesis International==


On Reverse Mining


"At the heart of is a mechanism called Reverse Mining, wherein the world’s farmers are rewarded for verified carbon drawdown. Conventional agriculture, and much of the capitalist system, has been purely extractive in nature, liquidating ecological and community capital for financial yields. We’ve been mining the planet for wealth. Reverse Mining turns this on its head by having a token generation process that actively restores the health of the planet. In short, catalyzes the transformation of the planet though the regeneration of our soils. This is Reverse Mining." (


1. James Quilligan:

"This is a very exciting project! Connecting agriculture and finance in this new way is cutting edge and you are really breaking ground with this. My one caution for you is that in emphasizing the rejuvenation of the carbon cycle, you are marginalizing the rejuvenation of the hydrological cycle and the nitrogen cycle. While you may believe that some dimensions of water and soil problems will be solved indirectly by giving primary attention to the carbon cycle, as noted in the paper I would ask you to consider that all three cycles are of equal and interrelated importance and all deserve balanced attention if we are to create an economy based on the carrying capacity of the planet." (fb, January 2017)

2. John Steven Bianucci:

"The Regen Network is extremely well organized and thought through. Yet, it contains a fatal flaw: its target of a carbon drawdown economy through reverse mining won't work. A focus on carbon drawdown will result in creating carbon creation machineries/schemes that on the whole serves to further imbalance ecological systems.

The target has to be biodiversity increase. Focusing on overall biodiversity increase takes care of carbon drawdown as a part of a greater resultant whole - co-creating resilience that sufficiently reverses the biodiversity destruction human activity already has triggered and written into the future, and including countering the destruction written into the positive feedback already increasing the momentum of climatic extremes (and resultant increased biodiversity destruction).

As to the structure of the Regen Network Token Offering, it feels to me like it is still based on scarcity - like other money systems that have been and continue to operate. Tying that offering structure to a single element, carbon, makes me pretty uncomfortable with it. Yet, it is a beautiful devised and presented structure and well thought out offering! I am truly impressed by it.

Your question: answer to, "We have to have the same position to it as with netarchical capitalism, i.e. what are the strategies to make it work for commoners and the great majority of the world population".

Michel, a biodiversity-increase token/cryptocurrency/ is the overarching strategy that will "work for commoners and the great majority of the world population" for two reasons: It is based on abundance, not scarcity, and every single person in the world can be a positive part of it, earning currency through enlightened social behavior with humans and the natural world. I am interested in attracting a team that wants to work on a "biodiversity-increase-regen-network"! If you feel this has promise, or outright agree, let's work on this." (email, July 2018)

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