Readings in AI Ethics

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Compiled by Irina Raicu of the Internet Ethics program at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University [1]:

  • Don’t Believe Every AI You See

by danah boyd

  • AI Researchers Allege that Machine Learning Is Alchemy

by Matthew Hutson

  • Should We Be Afraid of AI?

by Luciano Floridi

  • Anatomy of an AI System

by Kate Crawford and Vladan Joren

  • How AI Will Rewire Us

by Nicholas Christakis

  • Style Is an Algorithm

by Kyle Chayka

  • Algorithms Aren’t Racist. Your Skin Is Just Too Dark.

by Joy Buolamwini

  • If AI Is Going to Be the World’s Doctor, It Needs Better Books

by Dave Gershgorn

  • When Are Predictions Policies?

by Zachary Lipton

  • Giving Algorithms a Sense of Uncertainty Could Make Them More Ethical

by Karen Hao

  • The Weirdest Languages

by Tyler Schnoebelen

  • Alexa and The Age of Casual Rudeness

by Ken Gordon

  • We Don't Need Robots that Resemble Humans

by Evan Selinger

  • The Ethics of Automation: Poetry and Robot Priests

by David O’Hara

  • Attacks Against Machine Learning: An Overview

by Elie Bursztein

  • Moral Deskilling and Upskilling in a New Machine Age

by Shannon Vallor