Radical Communautarians

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Henry Tam – 20th July 2014:

The radical communitarians are a group of political thinkers who have argued for changes to socio-economic arrangements as well as the power relations that underpin them, so that a much more inclusive form of community life can prevail in every sphere of human interactions. Their common yardstick for assessing progress is whether people can relate to each other in mutually supportive and democratically cooperative ways in shaping their political governance, the enterprise in which they work, their living conditions and environment, and any organisation that may impact on their lives.

The four most representative figures are Robert Bellah, Jonathan Boswell, Philip Selznick, and Henry Tam."


The key works include:

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In addition to the above, two writers who have articulated views from a similar perspective but have eschewed the ‘communitarian’ label are Charles Derber and David Donnison. Their relevant writings include:

  1. Derber, C. (1994). ‘Communitarian Economics: criticisms and suggestions from the left’, in Responsive Community, Vol.4, Issue 4, Fall 1994, pp.29-42.
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