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= to help build the capacity of Transition Initiatives, and other community organisations doing similar work, to grow a new kind of local economy



"The REconomy Project is here to help build the capacity of Transition Initiatives, and other community organisations doing similar work, to grow a new kind of local economy. It’s aimed at people active in Transition, or similar.

Through this website, we hope to provide some inspiration, processes, knowledge and tools that will help a community as it undertakes this exciting adventure. This includes leadership and visioning, transforming existing businesses and starting new enterprises. Our golden rule is to not duplicate what’s already out there, so we have some links to other organisations that already offer help and information.

There are different ways to view what’s here, and to find what you need. You can use the boxes on the homepage to access each of the key sections, or you can browse and search the resources uing the drop down menus. There’s also a more traditional site map or table of contents that simply shows what’s here, and you can browse it more like a book. You can also search (at the bottom of each page).

During this journey, we will also be learning from each other – your collaboration and sharing is most welcome. Please become an enterprise spotter and help us collect stories and case studies of new enterprises already starting where you live. Or contribute something more in depth for our blog.

We’d also appreciate feedback on the content and navigation. You can rate and comment on just about everything. There are definitely gaps and certainly some errors – please let us know about these too. We’ve set up a range of ways you can interact with us and with each other – see our Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in buttons on the right.

Please join us in this exciting adventure – help us shape the approach, share your own knowledge and experiences and ask for help and guidance from others.

The REconomy Project is an experiment, a real live economic laboratory at community level, and we are learning as we go. That said, we have put a lot of thought into the overall REconomy framework and the content we are sharing here, and we feel it represents our best understanding at this time. Thanks to all who have contributed so far.

We are a small team with limited resources, but we will do our best to respond to all feedback directly.

In addition, the Transition Network provides support for Transition Initiatives including training, discussion forums and general resources for TIs.

REconomy Project is run by the Transition Network (TN), thanks to funding from the Roddick Foundation, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Tudor Trust among others. The New Economics Foundation is our project partner and we aim to develop further content together." (

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