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= Public value is value that is shared by all actors in society: citizens, businesses, organisations and informal groups. … Optimising public value, therefore, requires governments to maximise the benefits that can be obtained from sharing resources between all stakeholders in society…

More Information

  • Report: Public Governance – Value for Citizens (2009). European Commission, ISBN 978-92-79-10009-3,


"The public sector is moving into a new era in which the provision of public services will be oriented towards the creation of public value and user empowerment … "

  • Report: Public Value of Science (2005). By Brian Wynne, Jack Stilgoe, James Wilsdon, DEMOS, UK


"In many ways, science has never had it so good. Research budgets are as high as they’ve ever been and are still rising. And science and innovation are core themes of Labour’s third term agenda. But the relationship between science and wider society still needs work. Fewer people are becoming scientists, university departments are closing and there is lingering public unease about the way that science is governed. This pamphlet argues that we need to find new ways of talking about and building ‘the public value of science’…"