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Search engines with a strong focus on privacy

Most of these can also be accessed via https (ssl) wich means your search terms are encrypted all the way between you and the searchengine. For those of us who are even more paranoid and don't like searchengines (or other websites) storing cookies on your computer, most of these search engines offers a way to use certain settings (like language, family filter etc.) by accessing the search engine through a special url (url parameters).

Status update: “You should know that Duck Duck Go was purchased in part by a Venture Capital firm that is associated with Google". (to be verified)

WARNING: Skynet!

Be careful when using these these search engines, they are both ok from a privacy preserving perspective but, they both use Skynet aka. Google to get their search results.

Others (non tracking ones)

Others (non Google ones)

  • AltaVista was once one of the most popular search engines but its popularity has waned due to the rise of

intelligence. Live human guides are available to provide additional assistance in finding relevant results.

  • Web search engine featuring semantic cluster graphs, image extraction, and tag clouds.
  • Search engine with results shown with images and a drill-down menu. General feature, webmaster and investor information
  • The English-language version of a Swedish search engine with a clean interface and large database.

  • A cross between a search engine and an encyclopedia. The results return complete, informative sentences about the search topic. Related topics are suggested.
  • A search engine for finding images on the web, specializes in finding gallery pages.
  • Processes natural language queries and delivers results in clusters by topic. Queries can be keywords, phrases or short questions.
  • Search engine with a simple interface and no advertising. Offers the ability to create a customized topical or personal search index
  • Search engine with sponsored links at the top of results. Also offering a meta tag builder and analyzer.
  • Weblog dedicated to coverage of the next generation of search engines and new technologies from the original players with tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to search more effectively.
  • Search engine with country specific searching. Options to display country flags, and include preview and translation features. Sponsored links appear in panels separate from the main results.
  • A search engine with encyclopedia, human compiled links, and normal web search. It also answers questions.

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