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* Book: The Power of Open. Creative Commons, 2011

URL = http://thepowerofopen.org/


"Creative Commons is launching The Power of Open (http://thepowerofopen.org/), a book that highlights the role of copyright, content sharing and collaboration in driving innovation in the digital age. Copyright was created long before the emergence of the Internet, and can make it hard for Internet users to legally share content, and for content owners to protect their intellectual property on the Web.

Creative Commons is the non-profit organisation behind a copyright framework and global standard for licensing that meets the needs of individual creators, companies and Internet users. It makes creative, educational and scientific content more accessible and usable on the Internet, helping to unlock the creative power of today’s connected world.

The Power of Open is a study into how Creative Commons’ licensing and copyright tools contribute to collaboration and innovation. It includes case studies of leading scientists, educators, artists and entrepreneurs, who have benefited from Creative Commons' tools. They include Jonathan Worth, an internationally recognized photographer whose work is part of the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery."