Political Globalistics

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* Article / Chapter: Political Globalistics. By Leonid E. Grinin and Andrey V. Korotayev. In: Globalistics and Globalization Studies 2013 335–347

URL = /http://www.sociostudies.org/books/files/globalistics_and_globalization_studies_2/335-347.pdf

“This article was fi rst published in 3G: Globalistics, Global Studies, Globalization Studies: Scientifi c Digest (edited by I. I. Abylgaziev, I. V. Ilyin). Moscow: MAKS Press, 2012, pp. 113–125”


“The globalizing world needs more and more the globalizing social knowledge. That is why we experience such an acute defi cit in productive metaconcepts and macromethods that could make it possible for us to study the development of both polities and suprapolitical systems in the global temporal and spatial perspective, that would provide us with a reliable methodology of the connection between the micro- and macrolevels, between the local and the global, with an instrument allowing to compare political systems in an objective way using various parameters, to detect macrotrends within the enormous historical diversity, to identify causal hierarchies affecting processes of political globalization, and so on. In recent years Political Globalistics in Russia has been developing within a number of important dimensions. The world-system perspective was among them.“