Phone Liberation Network

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"Phone Liberation Network (PLN) is a private telephone network, which is open to the global community of administrators telephone networks, with the aim of agreeing and using a network and a telephone numbering plan which are:

  • Decentralized: unlike the traditional phone system, central authorities are necessary. This is a proposal for a standard network that regulates itself by consensus and peer facto practices.
  • Self-managed: managers of telephone exchanges in a specific area are the ones who decide what will be the numbering plan in your area, which routes and services offered and to whom.
  • Flexible, scalable: The numbering plan is intended to cover all possible current and future geographic areas.
  • Insurance: all communications are encrypted and signed using VPN tunnels.
  • Fully integrated with the traditional telephone system in place today.
  • Intuitive and simple for users. For example, using the least possible number of digits in the numbers or maintaining traditional international country codes."


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