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= the ability "to have an information and online activity mash-up that would allow me to discover my own patterns and to share my activity across the web in one chronological stream of data" (

Sometimes called "Attention Streams" or Lifestreams [1] as well.


"Just about every time somebody publishes something on the Web, it gets time stamped. Wouldn’t it be nice to pull in all these disparate bits of time stamped information and build up a timeline of online activity?" (

"For now, this activity stream idea is providing the start to a holistic view of my activity across online networks: both my own and the ones I use. In turn, this acts as a conduit for you, the reader. Rather than just a static “recommended links” page or a blogroll, the data stream opens up my activity to you in semi-realtime and at one website." (


Jeremy Keith, here at

Emily Chang, here at

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