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= a database that would store all of your personal information.


Venessa Miemis:

"The range of its functionality varies, but here is a comprehensive overview of what it could entail (from the Mydex site):

  • Data Storage – a single access point for my information that is currently scattered
  • Data Management – a toolset for analyzing and understanding what my data means
  • Data Sharing – the ability to choose how to share my information and with whom
  • Data Collection – the ability to track my purchases, preferences, and activities
  • Verifications – the ability to authenticate sensitive information generated by 3rd parties
  • Identity Assurance – the ability to prove I am who I say I am
  • Privacy Management – my info has a privacy setting determined by me, not organizations
  • Manage Permissions – deciding the communication channels between me & my contacts
  • Express Interests & Intentions – the ability to announce what I want to buy, do or access
  • Plan & Implement Projects – a life management system for how I use my info over time"



List of Personal Data Stores / Data Vaults, Compiled by Venessa Miemis:

Data Inherent – online safes from Switzerland offering individuals around the world highly secure online storage for passwords and all types of digital documents

Global LockBox - stores your content and provides easy ways to use, share and exchange it with others

LifeCellar – allows you to store and protect important documents like insurance, taxes, travel, wills, trusts, real estate documents, and policies

Mydex - A Personal Data Store is a service for individuals that helps them collect, store, manage, use and share their own personal data for their own purposes.

MyPersonalVault – store vital documents like bank account info, health records, insurance policies, wills, digital media

PAOGA – range of products; A secure Personal Data Store that allows individuals to own and manage their digital identity and personal information; personal info and identity verification; and a secure Digital Document Exchange to create, manage and digitally sign electronic documents

wayID – give anyone your wayID, and they have instant access to the information you want to share with them on any web-enabled device