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"As permaculture is to agriculture - "permanent agriculture", so Permafacture is "permanent manufacture" - ways of producing goods which meed the criteria of permaculture - activities which could be done in the same space for 10,000 years.

Let me suggest, as a simple example, a large sustainable forest providing carbon-neutral fuel to a glass smelting plant which recasts existing broken glass into new forms. The old glass comes back, is melted by burning wood, and is recast. One could, in theory, run this climate-neutral plant for centuries or longer off the same base-glass if people will return their broken glass to the factory.

The challenge, and this is allied closely with the task I've outlined above talking about Global Sustainable Peasantry, is to see how much of our 21st century infrastructure we can recreate from Permafacture.

If we could permafacture steel tools, antibiotics and perhaps half a dozen other basic living tools, we'd be a lot closer to being able to talk about a genuinely sustainable society." (

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