Peer-to-Peer Finance and the Future of Banking

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"Peer-to-Peer Finance and Crowdfunding are reaching momentum. Beyond Kickstarter, almost 3 billion dollars were raised in 2012 across 700+ platforms, double compared to the previous year. As the crowdfunding market matures, with clear verticals and burgeoning niche platforms adressing specific needs, this new way of raising money for creative, social and entrepreneurial projects is becoming more and more appealing, as an alternative to traditional financing.

What does this mean for the banking industry, and what will the future of finance look like? What will be the role of traditional banks in this new landscape? These are only a few of the questions we will try to address in this panel."


Izabella Kaminska Reporter, Financial Times


Alexandre Brouillou Head of Brand and Commercial Communications, La Banque Postale

Jana Bukovinova

François Carbone Co-Founder & CEO, Anaxago

Charles Egly Co-Founder & CEO, Prêt d'Union

Vincent Ricordeau Co-Founder & CEO, KissKissBankBank

Video credits: Recording: Tristan Copley Smith (@trizcs) Editing: Maxime Lathuilière (@maxlath) OuiShare