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Pearl Biotech makes a blue light transilluminator to image gel electrophoresis gels stained with SYBRsafe or Gelgreen.

= one of the DIYbio Companies, producing Open Source Bioengineering Hardware such as the Open Gel Box

Pearl Biotech website:


"Do you dream of engineering biofuels and exploring your genome? So do we.

We make new tools for our work, not square pegs cut to fit round holes. At Pearl Biotech, we make bioengineering accessible by designing cool, smart equipment for the modern genetic explorer.

We get inspired by open access projects such as OpenWetWare and open hardware projects like the Arduino. In fact, the original discussions for the Open Gel Box project began on OpenWetWare. Of course, we wouldn’t be here without standing on the shoulders of giants.

The design of the Open Gel Box and the Pearl Blue Transilluminator are a culmination of mind storming sessions, trial-and-errors, discussions with Kay Aull, Jonathan Cline, Mac Cowell, John Cumbers, Jim Hardy, Tito Jankowski, Michael Katsevman, Tom Knight, Meredith Patterson, Norman Wang, and many others who actively participated on the DIYBio Google Groups forum and gave their thoughts through the Open Gel Box 2.0 RFC.

Pearl Biotech is located in San Francisco, California."

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