Paul Cockshott on the Possibilities for a New Cybernetic Socialism

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Video 1

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"Towards a new socialism - Paul Cockshott interviewed by Otto Ressler -

Paul Cockshott: I have merged three shorter videos of an interview that Otto Resseler filmed and uploaded to form a single video."

Three part explanation:



"Paul Cockshott Interview: Towards a New Socialism

In 1993, Paul Cockshott & Allin Cottrell published ‘Towards a New Socialism’, presenting a compelling vision of a democratically planned society which harnessed the best available information technology: cyber-socialism.

In this interview by ‘After the Oligarchy’ and in collaboration with mέta, the Centre for Postcapitalist Civilisation, Dr. Cockshott talks to ‘After the Oligarchy’ about standardized pay grades, differential pay, and whether worker self-management can be reconciled with central planning."


Video version, part 3: