Participatory Inquiry

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Types of Participatory Research

From David Hiles, Methods of Participatory Inquiry:

  • Ancient methods of inquiry
  • Explicit methods (Researcher oriented)
  1. Heuristic Inquiry (Clark Moustakas)
  2. Co-operative / Lived Inquiry (John Heron)
  3. Autoethnography (Carolyn Ellis)
  4. Mindful Inquiry (Valerie Bentz & Jeremy Shapiro)
  • Implicit methods (Participant oriented)
  1. Narrative Inquiry (Hiles & Cermák)
  2. Phenomenological Inquiry (Donald Polkinghorne, etc)
  3. Transpersonal Inquiry (Braud & Anderson)
  4. Action Research /Participative Inquiry (Peter Reason)

Detailed descriptions of the method are available in the text:

- Participatory Perspectives on Counselling Research. By DAVID HILES: Summary of paper presented at NCCR Conference, Newport, November 22, 2008.

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