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= an open standard for accessing and processing p2p lending platforms data

URL = http://www.p2pxml.com/


"Many investors like to do their own analysis of the raw data from Lending Club and Prosper. To do that you have to go to the download area of each site and access the data separately. Then you have to figure out what all the fields mean because both companies store their data in completely different ways.

Michael from Nickel Steamroller thought there had to be a better way. So, he has created an open standard and a central location where investors can go to download the data from Lending Club and Prosper. Best of all he has made the data available in exactly the same format for both companies. It is called P2PXML and it launched last week. Why Use P2PXML?

Of course, investors can just go to Lendstats or Nickel Steamroller to do analysis on the p2p lending data. But these sites do not give users access to the raw data. The biggest benefit of accessing data through P2PXML is standardization which makes it much easier to use. The data is presented in exactly the same way for both companies." (http://www.sociallending.net/investing-lending/a-new-standard-for-p2p-lending-data-analysis-launches/)