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  1. Steve Bosserman
  2. Samuel Rose
  3. Steve Solomon, Tasmania Nutrient Dense Project ; Soil and Health Library
  4. Roberto Verzola, Philippines


  1. Allen Butcher, expert on Community Economics
  2. Paul Glover, Ithaca Hours etc ..
  3. Michael Gurstein, community networks
  4. Ezio Manzini, local mutual aid oriented initiatives by civil society groups


  1. Alec Couros, community as curriculum
  2. Stephen Downes, Canada
  3. George Siemens, connectivist learning


  1. Ellen Brown, sovereign finance
  2. Chris Cook, Open Capital
  3. Thomas Greco, local Credit Commons
  4. Hazel Henderson, Ethical Markets , ethical finance


  1. Peter Barnes, Trusts
  2. David Bollier, Commons Law
  3. Carolina Botero, Creative Commons
  4. Chris Cook, Open Capital
  5. Janelle Orsi, Cooperation Law

Sharing Infrastructure

  1. Rachel Botsman, on sharing infrastructures and access via product-service systems
  2. Lisa Gansky, The Mesh
  3. Neal Gorenflo, Shareable magazine


  1. Salvatore Iaconesi, Italy
  2. Glyn Moody, UK


  1. Michael Mehaffy, bio-urbanism

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