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"P2P clients like Grokster, KaZaA, Limewire, Morpheus and eDonkey do not make a P2P Network; they only allow the user to connect to an existing network by using common protocols. There are a large number of P2P networks out there: Gnutella, Gnutella 2, Ares, FastTrack, eDonkey2000, BitTorrent and even Freenet. Clients are applications used to connect to those networks. [...]"

From http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/skyrider_and_p2pfuture.php


Peer-to-peer clients usually support more than one network:

Network - Client(s)

  1. Ares -Ares
  2. Blubster -Blubster
  3. FileSpree -FileSpree
  4. Filetopia -Filetopia
  5. Gnutella -AquaLime, BearShare, FileNavigator, FreeWire, Gnucleus, LimeWire, Phex, Shareaza, Xolox -Ultra
  6. DirectConnect -Direct Connect, DC++, Koala DC
  7. eDonkey2000- eDonkey2000, eMule
  8. FastTrack -Morpheus, KaZaA, KaZaA Lite, Grokster, iMesh
  9. OpenNap -Napster, Shuban, AudioGnone, AudioSwap, CQ EX, File Navigator, Rapigator, Spotlight, #StaticNap, SunshineUN, Swaptor, WinMX
  10. Overnet -Overnet, eDonkey2000, MLdonkey
  11. Piolet -Piolet
  12. Freenet -Freenet, Entropy, Frost, Freenet / Entropy Controller for Darwin
  13. Entropy -Entropy, Frost, Freenet / Entropy Controller for Darwin