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January 2016

  1. Michael Rich on How Technology Can Be Used To Prevent Crime
  2. Deven Desai on 3D Printing
  3. Valentin Dander on Open Government Data
  4. Chris Marsden and Ian Brown on Better Regulation in the Information Age
  5. Anupam Chander on the Electronic Silk Road
  6. Victoria Stodden on Software Patents and Scientific Transparency
  7. Margot Kaminski on the Capture of International Intellectual Property Law through the U.S. Trade Regime

February 2016

  1. Dan Nazer on the Electronic Freedom Foundation
  2. Alasdair Roberts on the End of Protests
  3. Jonathan Band on International IP Lawmaking
  4. Ed Lee on the Battle Against SOPA‎
  5. Jeremy Pitt on Transforming Big Data into Collective Awareness
  6. David Bollier on Thinking Like a Commoner

March 2016

April 2016

May 2016

June 2016

  1. Robin Murray on Economic History for the People Since WWII
  2. Inez Aponte on Good Living Through the Human Scale Development Approach
  3. Joanna Macy on the Philosophy of Eco-Justice‎
  4. Eduardo Gudynas on Buen Vivir‎
  5. Bonnitta Roy on Open Participatory Organizations
  6. Janelle Orsi and Nathan Schneider on Platform Cooperativism

March 2017