David Bollier on Thinking Like a Commoner

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Podcast via http://media.blubrry.com/c_realm/p/www.c-realm.com/wp-content/uploads/412_Beating_the_Bounds.mp3


"KMO welcomes independent research and writer, David Bollier, to the C-Realm to discus the themes in his new book, Think Like a Commoner: A Short Introduction to the Life of the Commons. First, they dispense with Garrett Hardin’s so-called “Tragedy of the Commons,” which purports to demonstrate why it is impossible for people to self-manage a shared resource but which actually demonstrates just how focused academic economics is on validating its own core principles and projecting them onto the world. Later, David talks about the human genome as a commons which is currently being enclosed by corporations who are claiming sections of human DNA as their intellectual property. At the end of the program, KMO reads and responds to listener feedback." (http://c-realm.com/podcasts/crealm/412-beating-the-bounds/)