Aaron Makaruk, Yoonseo Kang et al. on the Open Tech Forever Project

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Podcast via http://traffic.libsyn.com/opensourcehardwaregroup/OpenTech.mp3


"Let’s say you had 40 acres of land in the mountains just outside of Denver, Colorado – what would you use it for?

If your answer is to build a factory to develop well documented Open Source Hardware projects, conduct research and development, teach the public new skills, develop open agriculture practices and eventually change the world economy by spreading open business models, then you might be just as revolutionary a thinker as the folks over at Open Tech Forever – a group of four guys working to do just that.

Three of the four gentleman [Aaron Makaruk, Yoonseo Kang, Johnathan Yelenick and Tristan Copley Smith] are former directors at Open Source Ecology – a network of farmers, engineers, and supporters building the Global Village Construction Set.

So what is Open Tech Forever all about? I mean – what are they really trying to accomplish?

It starts with building a factory (they are currently running a crowd funding campaign to generate the revenue to build). The factory will be the seat of production of yet decided Open Source Hardware projects. It will also be a place where they teach skills to the interested public and develop products for commercial sale.

All of which makes me think it is one really big hackerspace with founders that have a vision for something beyond…well, hacking.

Some of the details still need fleshing out for how Open Tech Forever is intended to grow – though I can sense it is a bold move – which is refreshing to me. Listen to the show and make your own call."