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P2POD, home entertainment system

URL = http://www.arianaweb.tv/aht/p2p.html

"P2POD is another home entertainment center like LamaBox and MuViBOXX. P2POD is offered by AHT International BV in Stellendam, the Netherlands. The device outputs to both HDMI for high definition output (HDTV) and USB for digital files. Users can access the web like a PC. A pay media service will be provided for convenient access to Internet content, which also will be distributed as streaming media via P2P." (http://www.p2p-weblog.com/50226711/p2pod_more_home_p2p.php)

From their web site:

"The core of the premium content and TV station features is built around a revolutionary software technology developed by the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). Their peer-to-peer technique allows not only content distribution features, but also LIVE video streaming over peer-to-peer networks. Because of this technology, with every added P2POD (or P2POD software client) the quality and speed of the services increases further.

1,000+ TV channels

P2POD displays over 1,000 digital TV channels that are broadcasted over the internet, free on your TV set. These channels range from specific interest type channels to mainstream station broadcasts, and everything in-between.

6,000 and more radio channels

There is music out there for everybody! No matter what your personal taste is, from metal to jodel, from pop to country, it is there! Simply connect P2POD’s digital or analog audio output to your stereo and enjoy!" (http://www.arianaweb.tv/aht/p2p.html)

The two competing offerings are reviewed here at http://www.p2p-weblog.com/50226711/home_entertainment_centers_a_tale_of_two_directions.php