Origin of China's Shareholding-Cooperative Enterprise Property System in the Liberal Socialism of James Meade

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Cui Zhiyuan on James Meade and the Chinese “shareholding-cooperative system:

"James E. Meade, the 1977 Nobel Laureate in Economics, is one of the founders of modern GNP accounting. As a student of Keynes, Meade was inspired by the tradition of petty bourgeoisie socialism.9 He always calls his program “liberal socialism.” Meade’s program aims to combine the best features of liberalism and socialism.

It has two main components in its institutional design: “labor–capital partnerships,” and “social dividend.”

  • Essay/Chapter: Liberal socialism and the future of China. A petty bourgeoisie manifesto. Cui Zhiyuan. Chapter 9 of: The Chinese Model of Modern Development. Edited by Tian Yu Cao. [1]