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  • many technical details and requirements in this google doc: [1]


Ultimate Medical Hackaton for Open Source Ventilator

"What we need is a Nasal cannula-based NIV. This system humidifies air, mixes it with oxygen and then pushes a constant stream of it into people’s lungs. If we can design a simple and working system we can give those plans to factories around the globe and get these things made. If the factories fail us, let’s also have a version people can make at home.

If you aren’t sure if a ventilator is something you can work on there are other problems. Can you make algorithms to determine if a person needs a ventilator. Can we recycle n95 masks? Can we make n95 masks at home? Workers also require a negative pressure tent for housing patients. This will be especially useful if we need to build treatment facilities in gyms or office spaces. Lastly if you’re a medical professional, can you train people how to help?

Let’s beat this thing. The ultimate medical hackathon begins." (

More information

Compiled by Appropedia, 19/3/2020:

Informations / Call / Coordination...

  1. guidelines for ventilators :
  2. UK /Goverment looking for organisations who can support in the supply of ventilators and ventilator components across the United Kingdom :
  3. Ireland : OpenSource collaborative ventilatore initiative :

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  1. Specification for simple OS mechanical ventilator :
  2. low-cost portable ventilator, 2010, MIT News office :
  3. Italian : 3D Valves :
  • DIY Emergency ventilator :
  1. (FROM FB)
  2. ( FROM FB)
  3. ( ROM FB) => They are 3D printing the parts

> see full publication on their profile :