Open Source Pattern Language Re-Generative of Commons

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= Exploring how to embed into the system the code for its renewal. Fostering factors of opportunity and renewal as commons. Leveraging agency and empowering change agents in their own contexts across the board.



Helene Finidori:

"The current space has been set up to discuss and start building a pattern language for transformative action, as part of a strategy for systemic change. It aims to help practioners on the ground build their own solutions and bring about systemic change (re)generative of commons suitable to their context.

We are a network of people, practitioners on the ground, think tanks, associations currently building, disseminating and implementing solutions to the world's systemic predicaments. Our goal is to inventory and to formulate and illustrate across disciplines, cultures and practices:

  • the forces and conditions, structures, behaviors, processes, mechanisms etc... (conscious or automatic) that are corrupting the system,
  • those that are beneficial to the system,
  • highlighting the interactions between them and how they 'feed' into each other,
  • taking into account notions of limits and optima beyond which a remedy becomes toxic (when a pattern becomes an anti-pattern),
  • relating these to examples of practices on the ground,
  • using all kinds of media and languages to express them so that changes agents where-ever they are located can recognize and make use of them.

We will add structure to this project as we go. Please use the comments for the discussion here or on the general discussion page as they can be changed into patterns and nodes to several kinds of views (graphs, trees, outlines). We will be moving comments from here to the discussion page or relevant section of the map as we go. Using citations for links places them in a library from where they can be 'called back' in any page/document." (