Open Source Computed Tomography Scanner

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= open CT scanner


John Hewitt:

"Canadian Peter Jansen was inspired to build his CT machine after a recent (and apparently less than ideal) contact with the US health care system. He figured he could build a reasonably good X-ray scanner for a fraction of the cost of commercial machines. And why not, considering his earlier successes building tricorders and other fun instruments. CT stands for “computed tomography,” which in its usual configuration involves rotation a source of radiation, and a detector, around a patient. After each point in the region of interest is scanned, a 3D image is reconstructed with a computer.

The main hurdle in building an economical DIY CT instrument is matching your radiation source to your detector. The trick here is to use the weakest (and therefore safest), source possible that still gives you enough resolution to see what you want to see, in the time that you are willing to spend in actual imaging." (

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