Open Source Circular Economy Days

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= The Open Source Circular Economy Days is an open and globally distributed event on Open Source for a Circular Economy.


JUNE 11th – 15th, 2015



"Activists and experts from open source hardware, software, data, design, circular economy, waste management, resource management and the collaborative economy will work together, globally connected, in order to develop, exchange and prototype ideas for an Open Source Circular Economy."

2. Lars Zimmermann:

"What is the Core-Idea of the “OSCEdays”?

When we talk about a “Circular Economy” we talk about the idea of an economy without waste! It is different from our current – linear – economy. Where we take resources make products and then throw them away as garbage!

In the Circular Economy everything is designed and organized in a way that our products can be repaired, reused, refurbished, and fully recycled. We save resources. Because the materials in our products are the resource base for future products of the same quality. The circular economy works in evolving symbiosis with our bioshpere – protecting it and growing its potentials.

But when we take this idea and compare it with the world today. It quickly becomes clear that almost everything in our current economy has to change for this. And not just the designs of our products and services. But also the collaboration methods we use to make and distribute them.

Many people in Circular Economy often talk about “transparency”. We need a lot more transparency to make our economy circular.

But the next minute they start to talk about “trading secrets” and the “need to hide knowledge” in today’s economy. So transparency isn’t really an option.

And here is where Open Source comes in!

Because in Open Source we have transparency. It is transparent how things are made. And there is also a number of successful businesses and products! That are successful BECAUSE not DESPITE they are open.

What can the circular economy learn and adapt from this? " (

Contextual Citation

Sam Muirhead:

"As a basic understanding of what we’re doing, as I see it, Open Source Circular Economy Days is the start of a movement to promote the idea of open source as the best - and perhaps only - methodology that we know of which can build a real circular economy. For me, the goal is that when people think of circular economy or want to build a circular economy, the obvious choice or the obvious approach to explore would be the idea of open source. We believe that at the moment, the companies and organizations that are promoting circular economy are not as effective as they could be because they tend to be focusing on their own in-house solutions. We think that they could be a lot more effective with more cross-industry collaboration, more transparency and more open standards, much more of the open source methodology." (

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