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"Lars Zimmermann ( is an artist working about economy and an open source economist. He is based in berlin.

He works since 2009 on the OWi project ( which is raising the question of open source for an ecological economy. If we want to have an ecological, waste free, recycling economy we need new and open patterns of communication and collaboration. Publishing information about products and make them open is the fundamental first step to it.

With the background of this project lars developes a variety of things concerning open source hardware, open source hardware documentation, open source hardware business models, open regenerative design and digital nature.

In 2013 he made the OPENiT Festival ( in berlin kreuzberg – an open festival with an open source „guerilla conferencing“ or „city hacking“ concept to promote and experiment open source culture for the future of citys and sustainable festivals.

2013/2014 he founded along with Sam Muirhead ( and Jenni Ottilie Keppler ( „Open It!“ ( an „Open Source Communication & Business Developement Agency“. The agency aims to support compagnys going open source and developes communication and business concepts for them.

He is also writing a blog ( "


"my name is Lars. My work is in art, projects and for knowledge. I am interessted in economy especially new ideas and possibilies for it. These days iam very interessted in thinking about and experimenting with the combination of the ideas of Open Source with the ideas of Ecological Economy and Regenertive Design. For this i work in the project OWi Open Ecological Environment & Economy.

Doing OWi i learned that the combination of these ideas is so new and because of that difficult to push forward. To do something about this i started the OEEF – Open Ecology Economy Fair. It is about bringing together what is there, share it, play and experiment with it and create more together." (

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