Open Platforms for Sustainable Production and Living

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= these are open platforms that bring players in a sector together in order to redesign towards sustainable and participative value chains and eco-systems, which mutualize knowledge which a network of producers (and/or Produsers) can use to develop ecosystems that create sustainable livelihoods for communities and their commons


By Sector


  • Envienta: "We figured out a new lifestyle, focusing on households. A laterally scaled socioeconomic model begins at the tiniest piece of our society: the individuals and the families. To make our model time and cost-effective, we bring domestic developments under one roof."





  • Ampool: modular and connected vehicle for open and connected mobility
  • FranceCraft: "FRANCECRAFT propose une nouvelle plateforme industrielle, digitale et locale, qui libère l’automobile de ses contraintes pour fabriquer et innover autrement."

Mainstream Business Alliances

By Country

May sound contradictory but even global platforms often are anchored in a key originating country

Related Material

Directory of Platform Cooperatives

Via J.Nathan Mathias' review of Trebor Scholz inaugural lecture at the Platform Cooperativism conference:

Cooperative Online Labor Brokerages and Marketplaces

  • In Germany, Fairmondo started as a global marketplace owned by its users -- like a co-operative ebay.
  • In SF, Loconomics is a freelance co-operative where freelancers have shares and have a voice in running the company.

Produser-Owned Platform Cooperatives

These sites,

  • like Resonate (music),
  • Members Media (film), and
  • Stocksy (stock photography),

allow producers to co-own the platforms to which they are selling their work. The objective of these co-operatives are to create careers for their producers, who co-own systems.

City-Owned Sharing and Exchange Platforms

Trebor notes that even in the US, cities own hotels, hospitals, and many public services. He describes work by Janelle Orsi to imagine publicly-owned platforms: muni-bnb would be a city-owned airbnb system that invests profits into city projects. all-bnb would be modeled after the Alaska Permanent Fund and would pay residents for the profits made by sharing hosting. Another idea is the "sharing city" Seoul, who offer a city-operated taxi hailing system.

Union-Backed Cooperative Platforms

  • The California App-Based Drivers Association unionizes drivers who participate in sharing economy platforms.
  • In New Jersey, the Union Taxi Cooperative also operates its own platform.