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= online platform with tools to facilitate urban social activism




'OpenPlans is a platform for social activism—the simple way to bring groups together, promote your cause, make plans, and get things done.

The Open Planning Project (TOPP) is a non-profit connecting open technologies with civic engagement. Our work is open source in license, method, and attitude.'


"We build tools to get cities on the path to better technology, help citizens get the responsive government they should expect, and scale up small discussions to city-wide change. We are an impartial, informed guide to civic technology, incorporating technology, transportation and city planning, an open-source approach, and the standards knowledge necessary to deliver valuable tools to our clients.

Our main office is in New York City, and we have staff in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

OpenPlans is a 501(c)3. In addition to our transportation and planning work, we incubated and launched OpenGeo, Streetfilms, Streetsblog, and GothamSchools." (