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"The OpenLabTools initiative aims to provide a forum and knowledge centre for the development of low cost and open access scientific tools, with an emphasis on undergraduate and graduate teaching and research. The programme will officially start in October 2013. In order to bootstrap this initiative, a number of MEng projects (4-5 per year) will be offered to establish the core components required for such tools; these include data acquisition, sensing, actuating, processing and 3D manufacturing. Protocols, designs and tutorials will be published on this website. These components will be subsequently combined to establish a documented collection of instruments, to be developed and maintained by a community of undergraduate and graduate students of the University.

We anticipate that the core tools will be rolled out in undergraduate laboratories from 2014 onwards. We would like to invite anybody interested in this programme to get in touch with us and explore ways to contribute, either by using the tools (once ready) or by supporting their development.

The programme benefits from the financial support of the University of Cambridge through the University's Learning and Teaching Innovation Fund. The Raspberry Pi foundation has also generously supported the innitiative by funding five summer internships in 2013."