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Via Silke Helfrich's Commons Timeline:

"HELSINKI / FINLAND, SEPTEMBER 17-22, 2012: THE WORLD’S FIRST OPEN KNOWLEDGE FESTIVAL offered a week of events with participatory sessions, keynotes, workshops, hackathons and satellite events with over 1,000 physical and 12,000 virtual participants from across the globe. Openness is a key feature in the commons (even though not everything that is “open” is necessarily a commons). In a commons, openness protects the freedom of ideas and the social practice of knowledge sharing. The convergence between the access to knowledge (a2k) and a broader commons movement is decisive to oppose upcoming enclosures like the so called TTIP, which in fact is a Trans Atlantic Enclosure Agreement via Free Trade. –> NEXT OPEN KNOWLEDGE FESTIVAL, IN BERLIN ON JULY 15 – 19, 2014." (