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= low power, affordable open source FM radio station created for use in remote areas



"Adapted’s OpenFM is a low power, affordable open source FM radio station created for use in remote areas.

The system is specifically designed with harsh weather conditions in mind; it is able to withstand heat, dust and humidity with little manual intervention. It functions on solar power and so is particularly suited for rural environments that lack dependable electricity.

OpenFM consists of the following elements:

   * Low power FM transmitter
   * Antenna
   * Low bandwidth, low power computer
   * Mixing board
   * Open source audio software 

With a 30-meter radio tower, OpenFM has a broadcast coverage area of approximately 35 kilometers. This coverage span varies depending upon antenna height and local geographical factors.

OpenFM is a component of Adapted's FM community radio development program. As part of this overall service, local engineers are trained to build, maintain, and repair the various radio station parts to ensure sustainability. OpenFM’s open source features allow these engineers and others to modify the product so that it better meets local needs.

The FM radio has long been regarded as a technology well-suited for disseminating information in developing countries with high rates of poverty and illiteracy. In an effort to improve the quality of this medium, Adapted has worked on two fundamental problems of FM radio stations: the lack of access to quality information and communications tools, and the lack of low priced, functional equipment. Addressing these issues, the OpenFM is put together with low cost parts and open source software to make it as accessible as possible to local individuals." (

More Information

OpenFM Schema and Part List can be found at : OpenFM website