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Overview page: texts that define the characteristics of Openness in particular contexts

  1. Introduction to Openness

Related Initiatives

  1. Map of Openness
  2. Open Everything [1]: One of big Everything goals is to map what people are doing with 'open' around the world.

Open Definitions

Mark Surman discusses openness here at and has added a chart at

  1. The Open Standards Definition. By Bruce Perens.
  2. Open Standards Requirement for Software
  3. Open Definition
  4. The Open Software Service Definition, i.e. The Free/Open Service Definition (v1.0)
  5. Open Source Media Definition
  6. Open Source Definition

Free Definitions

  1. Debian's Free Software Guidelines
  2. Declaration on Libre Knowledge
  3. Definition of Free Cultural Works
  4. Franklin Street Statement on Freedom and Network Services, which concerns Network Service Licenses
  5. Free Content Definition