OpenSC - Sustainable Supply Chain Tracking

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Lisa Cox and Naaman Zhou:

"A new project that uses technology to track the movements of food through the supply chain will aim to inform consumers whether items such as fish they buy at a restaurant were produced legally and sustainably.

The new venture is called OpenSC and uses product QR codes that consumers can scan with a smartphone to automatically display information on where the product was caught, when and how it was produced, what its journey through the supply chain looked like, and even its carbon miles and what temperature it was stored at.

The tracking platform, which has been developed with WWF and BCG Digital Ventures, follows an award-winning pilot by the environment NGO that tracked tuna caught in the Pacific.

To work, businesses dealing with products such as seafood must make a choice to attach a digital tag at the point of catch, and then again at the point of production, and link their products in a blockchain platform." (