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= OpenROV is a DIY community centered around underwater robots for exploration & adventure. We're a group of professional and amateur ROV builders from over 30 countries.



David Lang:

"In 2012, my friend Eric Stackpole and I started the OpenROV project in his garage in Cupertino. We wanted a low-cost underwater drone to explore a submerged cave, and the commercial alternatives were far beyond our price range. In the years since, our idea has grown from just a few people working in a garage to a global community of thousands of professional and amateur ocean explorers, and evolved from a small project into a company that’s building cutting-edge tools. Our latest project, the OpenROV Trident, raised over $800,000 on Kickstarter last October. The community of users have used the devices for everything from finding shipwrecks in Southern California to discovering a previously unknown fluorescent quality of a clam in the Cook Islands." (