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= non-profit gGmbH we established under German law



Bill Baue:

"We intersect with the "commons" in the sense that we see the multiple capitals (natural, human, social, built, financial, etc) as primarily being "common capitals" that are shared, so companies have clear moral/ ethical and legal duties and obligations to take accountability for their impacts on vital capitals that stakeholders (or "rightsholders as we call them") rely on for their wellbeing, and managing those impacts within the "carrying capacities of capitals" (ie the ecological ceilings / social floors of Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economics, Rockstrom's Planetary Boundaries, etc). The Reporting 3.0 Platform sees the clear need for economic system design change toward what we call "Multicapitalism" (as compared to our current mono-capitalism), or even "Integral Capitalism" (borrowing from the 2009 essay by James Quilligan). In fact, we integrate an Integral approach throughout our work."

More information

  • the Data Blueprint report (one of four Blueprint areas, which also include Reporting (broadly), Accounting, and New Business Models) includes a reference to your recent work on value creation -- your advocacy for a "Value Shift" toward what David Bollier calls a "Relational Theory of Value."