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URL = http://www.oekonux.org/


"The originally German Oekonux (pronounced "urkonooks") project was founded to research the possibilities of free software to fundamentally change the current political and economic structures.

Oekonux considers that the mode of production of free software represents a new mode of production that has the potential to supersede the capitalist mode of production." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oekonux)


Magnus Lawrie:

"Sharing, and the exchange of ideas, then, exist as both the mode and form of the knowledge economy. Freely distributed immaterial forms (services such as software), embody and perpetuate activity in this domain. The economy of intangible forms derives value from ’immaterial labour’. These are the main subjects of inquiry for Oekonux, a German and English mailing list-based project. Oekonux participants theorize about ’germinating forms of the GPL-society’. The marxist-informed discussion aims to learn the lessons of 20th century revolutionary movements. Stefen Merten, a defining voice in this community, explains this work in a paper, ’Milestones on the way to the GPL-society’. He says, that because of the contradiction between mechanization and profit, capitalism has entered a crisis phase from which it cannot recover. A way is now open for a society modelled on the ’special features’ of GNU/Linux (including therefore, the GPL). Oekonux in 2003, sees that society is moving through the series of initialization procedures before it will reach the run-mode of the GPL-society. In this future society, ”...people will be free to arrange their relations to each other and to things consciously and by free decision” (Merten 2003, p.12)." (http://ditch.org.uk/download/forms_and_modes_free_software_society.pdf)