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= Open Source Drug Discovery licensing agreement proposed by OSDD - India

URL = http://www.osdd.net/licence.html


"To use the Portal, its contents, Information and other services you agree to the following terms and conditions (Terms), the relevant applicable laws of your jurisdiction, OSDD policies, guidelines or amendments thereto that may be made available on the and intimated to you from time to time. These Terms may be updated in future and you will be able to find the most current version of these Terms on the Portal. By agreeing to the Terms you agree to abide by the future revisions as well.

In formulating these Terms the OSDD addresses the potential problem of third parties’ acquiring proprietary rights based on the Information available on its Portal, either pre-existing or generated by the OSDD community, or during the drug discovery process or otherwise, without contributing the improvements made thereon by them back to OSDD. OSDD recognizes that in furtherance of its vision it may be required to prosecute appropriate legal action against those violate the condition that all improvements to or using the Information should be submitted back to OSDD.

Towards this end, all participants are required to authorize CSIR (India) acting on behalf of OSDD, to sue for violation of these Terms pertaining to whatever they contribute, to, for the sole purpose of taking legal action against any violation of the Terms and only for that purpose. This step is meant to enable legal action against appropriation of results of collaborative research without contributing the improvements thereon to the OSDD. OSDD acting through CSIR (India) will hold the Information submitted by its users and the results of collaborative research in trust as ‘Protected Collective Information’ to act against those who appropriate these results without contributing it back."

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