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The Novel Research Institute is a nonprofit organization focused on knowledge dissemination in an open environment.


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The Novel Research Institute is ``a non-profit organization whose aim is promote the creation, organization and dissemination of knowledge. To work towards this end, NRI is engaged in several activities: research, development and dissemination".


Members of the institute carry out research in various fields related to a main theme such as: ``mathematical logic, algebra, quantum algebra, linguistics, hypertext theory, artificial intelligence and applied quantum systems".


NRI programmers ``develop and maintain computer software platforms for the purpose of communication and collaboration. The development process is informed by the research activities and leads to deliverables both in the form of program files and web services."


In addition to making available research reports and articles by our members, NRI is also involved in ``preparing electronic editions of scientific works such as books in various areas, including mathematics, physics, computers, and so on", especially for nonprofit items that are very difficult to access or generally unavailable through commercial websites or bookstores.

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