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Linden Labs:

"The first, largest, and best-known nonprofit-specific community in Second Life, the Nonprofit Commons organizes networking events and offers free virtual office space, weekly interactive meeting, guided tutorials, and facilitated discussions about outreach, fundraising, activism, and volunteering in the virtual world. It has broad appeal with interest from organizations from 71 countries and a social network that includes engaged members ranging from large international organizations such as the humanitarian group CARE, national-focused groups like America's Second Harvest, and community initiatives such as the Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York. The overarching goals of our work in Second Life are to develop and implement immediate opportunities for nonprofits to tap into the existing potential of virtual worlds and to create a broader nonprofit understanding of virtual worlds as a new avenue for creating mission-based impact in the real world. As SL avatar, PCOSGurl Infinity from the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Association writes about the Nonprofit Commons, “It enhances a nonprofit organization's ability to connect, network, and provide service. The opportunities are limitless and the ability to impact the success of our real life organization is amazing.” (